Boston Harbor wedding cruise runs aground – Metro US

Boston Harbor wedding cruise runs aground

Boston Harbor wedding cruise runs aground
Twitter via Massachusetts Environmental Police

It was a night the bride and groom will never forget.

Newlyweds Jaime Stern andFernanda Cercadaand their wedding party wascelebrating the pair’s wedding aboard Boston Harbor’s cruiseship, The Majesty,when the ship ran aground on Saint Georges Island around 7 p.m., Fox 25reported.

The Majesty, a 113-foot cruise ship, hit a sand bar.

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“There was a big crash and the next thing you know the Coast Guard [is there] and everyone is moving, kids are crying, people were screaming,”the groom said. “It was crazy.”

We will never forget,” Cercadaadded.

State Police and Coast Guard evacuated the passengers and all but five crew members, who will stay with the boat. Passengers were placed on The Asteria, an MBTA ferry,Coast Guard officials told CBS Boston that the boat was not sinking and nobody was injured.

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It wasn’t until early Sunday morning when the ship was refloated and moved, according to the Coast Guard.

The bride and groom told Fox25 they hope to receive a refund.