Boston is a top city for sugar daddies – Metro US

Boston is a top city for sugar daddies

Boston is a top city for sugar daddies

If you’re a young aspiring sugar baby living in New York City or Philly, you might want to consider fleeing somewhere else. According to a new report from sugar baby and sugar daddy dating website SeekingArrangement.com there are greener and sweeter pastures elsewhere.

The dating website released a ranking of American cities where the most amount of eligible sugar daddies are and the results were surprising.

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For instance the biggest city for sugar daddies? Austin, Texas.

The hipster capital of the Lone Star State has a whopping “23.24 Sugar Daddies per 1,000 adult males,” according a release from Seeking Arrangement.

Boston however, made it to the the top 10 with ranking fourth as the best city for sugar daddies. Seeking Arrangement claims that there are about 18 eligible sugar daddies per every 1000 in Beantown.

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New York and Philly were two of the lowest-ranking American cities.

The Big Apple came in at number 26 with 4.52 sugar daddies per thousand adult males and Philly sat at number 28 with 3.98 per every thousand.

Here’s the complete list of the best sugar daddy cities.

1 Austin 23.24

2 Atlanta 21.60

3 Las Vegas 19.23

4 Boston 18.25

5 Orlando 18.10

6 Dallas 16.83

7 Vancouver 15.36

8 Tampa 14.59

9 Chicago 14.53

10 San Francisco 14.21

11 Houston 12.64

12 Seattle 10.82

13 Washington 10.72

14 Denver 8.97

15 Portland 7.11

16 Edmonton 6.24

17 Charlotte 5.75

18 Phoenix 5.66

19 Los Angeles 5.48

20 Toronto 5.37

21 San Antonio 5.11

22 San Jose 5.05

23 San Diego 4.73

24 Saskatoon 4.71

25 Victoria 4.67

26 New York 4.52

27 Calgary 4.02

28 Philadelphia 3.98

29 Winnipeg 3.92

30 Ottawa 3.37

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