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Boston mourners: ‘Thank you Mayor Menino’

Thousands of Bostonians lined city streets from Faneuil Hall to Hyde Park Monday to see of their beloved civic leader with a message, “Thank you Mayor Menino.”

The city provided green signs bearing the simple yet poignant message at more than a dozen locations, including City Hall Plaza, Fenway Park and the Hyde Park church where hundreds of Menino’s family friends attended his funeral mass.

Hyde Park resident Jeanette Bombiela, 41, was one of hundreds of spectators gathered ouside of the Maple Street parish as the late mayor’s casket was carried into the church. The sound of bagpipes cut the somber silence on the street.

“I wanted to say goodbye because I didn’t get to go to Faneuil Hall yesterday due to the weather,” Bombiela said after the church doors closed. “He definitely did a lot for the city. I’m born and bred in Boston and I’ve lived in Hyde Park for the past 12 years. I just wanted to come out and say goodbye. I met him plenty of times. He was always at every event.”

Nearby, Sharon Mattis, of Mattapan, and her mother Constella Thompson snapped photographs of the pomp and circumstance.

“He’s done a lot for the city. I’ve not known him personally. He was for the people, he did so much for the community, and for the kids,” said Mattis.

Her mother nodded. “He was for everybody,” said Thompson, 67. “For the rich, for the poor.”

The crowd began to disperse as the funeral service got underway, but Boston Public Schools teacher Amy Donovan, 41, stood smiling and chatting, her green thank you sign tucked at her side.

“I work right over there,” said Donovan, pointing at a nearby school building. “I wanted to come out in support because he’s done so much for our schools and for our community.”

Donovan said Menino will be missed by the the countless Bostonians he personally touched – she being one of them.

“We have a great mayor now Marty Walsh, but he was a great guy, and we’re going to miss him. He knew everybody,” said Donovan.

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