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Boston named 5th sweatiest city in United States

Boston, sweatiest, city, United States
Sox fans sweat it out at Fenway.

Bostonians love winning, so they’ll be highly disappointed to find out that they finished in a lowly fifth place when it comes to the “sweatiest” city in America.

Rival New York finished No. 1, followed by Washington, DC, Chicago and Miami.

“To identify the sweatiest cities across the nation, we looked at data in a number of national records to determine the percentage of homes without central air conditioning, the popularity of public transportation and citywide bike sharing programs, as well as the cities with the ‘hottest’ professions,” said Dr. Ted Myatt, who led the study by EH&E and the marketers of Honeywell Fans.

Hottest profession? Try the hairy guy who cooks the sausages at Sausage King outside Fenway, or the guy who plays his guitar, praying for a quarter, at the Kenmore T-stop on a Red Sox game night in July.

No way we shouldn’t be first. This is crap.


Guess genes

Ancestry.com is cool until you have to, like, pay them money to find out who your great, great, great, great Aunt on your mom’s side is. I refuse to pay $2.50 for information.

Bill Belichick doesn’t have money problems, so he probably already knows that he’s related to Hugh Hefner, Clint Eastwood and Warren Buffett. Yup, grumpy Bill is a distant cousins of Hefner – the guy who has been laid more times than God and Wilt Chamberlain combined.

The Boston Globe recently ran an article regarding Belichick’s bloodlines and not only is he like 10th cousins with Hefner, Eastwood and Buffett – he’s also related to two presidents: William Taft and Grover Cleveland.

I suppose if you dig deep enough, everybody is related to everybody, and this was just a piece to re-prove the fact that Belichick is a genius.

So … more like, Taft and Cleveland are related to Belichick, right?


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