Avianca, Colombia's largest airline / Wikimedia Commons

Boston Logan International Airport will soon offer nonstop flights to Bogota, Colombia.

The addition of Avianca, a Colombian airline carrier, to the Boston schedule, was announced on Thursday. The Massachusetts Port Authority, which owns and operates the airport, made the announcement with Gov. Charlie Baker.

Air travelers will be able to board the first direct flights to South America, landing in Colombia’s capital city, four times a week starting June 2.

For some Massachusetts residents, this also means the chance to connect to their heritage. The Colombian community in the commonwealth has shown substantial growth since the 1960s, according to MassPort, with more than 20,000 Colombians now living here.


In Boston, Colombians comprise the eighth largest foreign-born population.
“The ties between Massachusetts and Latin America are strong and deep,” Nader Acevedo, executive vice president of the Hispanic-American Institute, said in a statement. “The opportunities for loved ones to reconnect, investments to be made and adventures to be had on both continents are now closer than ever through nonstop air service to Colombia on Avianca.”

Bogota isn’t the only new destination available to globe-trotters.

Logan’s revamped international Terminal E will now offer 53 destinations, including the nonstop service to South America as well as to Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

This partnership won’t only benefit vacationers, officials said, but also commonwealth-based companies who can take advantage of the new destinations.
“Better connecting all Massachusetts has to offer to the global economy allows the commonwealth to maintain its competitive edge and continue to reap the benefits of a culturally and professionally diverse population,” the governor said in a statement.

By traveling through Botoga, passengers will be able to connect to 36 other South and Central America locations with Avianca airline.

Avianca is Colombia’s largest air carrier, and the second largest in Latin America. It has operated since 1919, making it the oldest airline in the Western Hemisphere, officials said.

The Columbian government, in a statement, said: “Bostonians and residents of New England will be able to get to know our beautiful country where people are happy and always have a smile for visitors, discover beautiful landscapes, see the Sea of 7 colors, and taste the best coffee in the world. This flight is an example of how the United States and Colombia continue to develop strong ties that benefit both countries.”



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