Boston police bust wannabe harbor pirates – Metro US

Boston police bust wannabe harbor pirates

Boston police bust wannabe harbor pirates
Nic Czarnecki/Metro Boston

Avast ye salty, scurvy sea dogs; take heed: The Boston Police have no patience for your wannabe piracy!

Members of the Boston Police Harbor Unit arrested three men on Monday after getting numerous calls of suspicious boat riding around the mooring field in The Harbor. The so-called pirates, Dwayne Hill, 52, Tony Villegas, 60, and Robert Allen, 25, all of Boston were all arrested on an array of charges, however not without a pirate-showdown.

In addition to calls of suspicion, other phone calls to the police confirmed a re-enacted Boston Tea Party, with a twist…The men were caught throwing many items, including couch cushions off of a 45 foot Hatteras sport fishing boat. When officers approached the vessel, one man had already jumped ship into a smaller boat. The other two men told police “they didn’t know” when officers asked if they owned the boat. Shortly afterwards, officers placed the men under arrest.

The escaped man was picked up later by US Coast Guards. He was also arrested and brought in. He was in possession of a successful plundering,including fishing rods, a tackle box, a fish finder, a chart plotter GPS, a marine radio, a solar cell phone charger and binoculars.

According to police the vessel was in disarray, with items thrown about the cabin. A real pirate commandeer, or as Boston police decided, Breaking & Entering (Ship), Trespassing, Receiving Stolen Property (Boat), Using without Authority (Boat) and the Willful Malicious & Destruction of Property.

These waters be not welcoming for alleged slimy scallywags. Ye been warned.