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The embattled Ivanka Trump clothing is being sold under other labels. Photo: File

When in doubt, hire your kid.

We live in a golden age of nepotism. Ivanka Trump and her husband more or less run the United States of America. Bill Belichick’s son Steve is the safeties coach for the Pats and is the most likely man other than Josh McDaniels to take over for BB when he retires. Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie, his son Shane and his son-in-law Triple H will take over the reigns from the WWE boss when he passes (damn, Vinny Mac is 71!).

What do all of these people have in common? They’re all in Donald Trump’s inner circle. Illuminati? Check. Elite, time-traveling families from the future? Check.

Patrick Ewing is not a part of this fortunate group though, as he was told by Georgetown University that he could not hire his son to be a part of his basketball coaching staff. Something about a “nepotism clause.” Remember, this is a school that had John Thompson III as its coach for the last 13 years.



This is nuts

If Brad Marchand wasn’t hated enough outside of Boston already, his play against Tampa Bay Tuesday night sealed the deal. Marchand was ejected when he slammed the Lightning’s Jake Dotchin with his stick in all the wrong areas of Dotchin’s nether regions.

Marchand will likely be suspended, but hopefully for the B’s it won’t include any playoff games. Detroit Gustav Nyquist was suspended six games for spearing Minnesota’s Jared Spurgeon in the face in February. Gotta think Marchand’s suspension will be worse, given that the people handing out this discipline are men, and all men would rather be belted with a graphite cane in the face than in their piss weasel. 

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