Boston T turns 115 years old this weekend - Metro US

Boston T turns 115 years old this weekend

The Hub’s rapid transit system is the oldest and fourth largest in the United States, so in light of it’s 115th birthday Saturday, Metro thought it only appropriate to mark the occasion with a cake, and a question: “What is your birthday wish for the T?”

MBTA Acting General Manager Jonathon Davis said he had a couple.

“Adequate funding to continue to provide vital service, and also, the funding necessary to bring the system up to a state of good repair,” he said.

While money in a card is a timeless birthday gift standby, Davis has another, more sentimental T birthday wish.

“The one thing I really want to see is continued ridership growth,” Davis said.

If the numbers continue to climb, Davis may get his wish – June marked the 17th consecutive month of increased ridership.

Intrigued with what other birthday wishes were out there for the T, Metro hit the stations – cake in hand – to hear first hand what riders had to say.

“I wish the Green Line would work better. It is kind of notorious for sucking, like frequent stops, and disabled trains,” said Alyssa Heavey.

One T rider, who would only give his name as Nick, had a unique wish that sort of caught us off guard: “I wish they would check the volume more, like when he guy is saying ‘Harvard next,’ and ‘doors open on the right,’ it’s usually really loud. It’s awful.”

Markus Elasquez just wants better air conditioning.

“It’s hot, mostly on the platforms. Trains have AC… sometimes,” he said.

Others have so much love for the T, they’d like more of it.

“I would like to see the Red Line go past Braintree, and into Marshfield,” said Danny Dodello. “I know a lot of people come from up to Boston from down there.”

As Kelsey Thurbur stood leaning against a pillar at Park Station, she said she had one big wish for the T’s looming birthday.

“No more Green Line… It’s just awful; unreliable. If they replaced it, or at least added more cars, that would be great.”

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