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Boston, will you ever love anything as much as you love that ‘Dirty Water’?

Musically, does “The Boston Song” have a shot? Actually, yes. Though some of the lyrics sound like placeholders that still haven’t been swapped out for words that make sense (“the weather doesn’t make the city, it’s the people” and “children building communities” in particular). But the melody is incessantly catchy and ‘dis Vincent is immediately likable. Taking all of these characteristics into consideration, the song reminds me of Bruno Mars’ breakthrough hit, “Just the Way You Are.” Think about the audacity that Mars had to have had to borrow the title of another classic song (Billy Joel, did you even consider legal action?) and compare that to the way that ‘dis Vincent is using the “so good, so good” from Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” without really paying homage to it. As for those lyrics, what month could it possibly be that the narrator has got his “tickets to see the Pats play, and the Celtics, and a Fenway game”? There are quite a few head-scratchers like this within “The Boston Song,” but think about the recent success of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” That song practically depended on turns of phrases that you at first make fun of and then are singing sincerely within a few days. Somehow this sort of arrogance actually works, and even if ‘dis Vincent doesn’t find himself blaring over the PA of the hallowed halls that he sings about being so excited to watch games at, he’ll at least have a modest local hit.

Brian Evans’ “At Fenway” may not be aiming for the stars the way that “The Boston Song” does, but it certainly does seem to hope to hit it over the Green Monster. With its swinging big band groove, it’s certain to at least bring Sox advertisers sniffing around for a licensing opportunity. During those horn parts it’s actually hard to not envision some strong Boston accent interrupting the song and telling us to buy their product. Well, that is, if you can get the animated face of Keenan Cahill out of your head. The song could also work well as a sing-along during a rain delay with its “even with a rain delay” lyrics.

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