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Boston Yeti may just be your next mayor

Walsh's office

This winter, a loveable and random local character known as the Boston Yeti captured the hearts of blizzard beaten Bostonians, and now, as spring descends on the Hub, the mythical creature has a request: “Make me your mayor.”

The yeti, who spoke to Metro last month in an exclusive interview, shot a video with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announcing the candidacy in a comedic video spoofing the 2015 Snowmageddon. The video was screened Sunday morning at South Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

“I just don’t’ know what to say anymore, I just hope it all stops,” a winter-weary Walsh said in the video while standing at press briefing podium. “Can anyone help me?”

The video continued with Walsh holding up a gas lantern and saying, “People of Boston the end has come I’m announcing my resignation, and my candidacy for mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The interim mayor is someone who is with me today…”

The costumed Yeti then approaches the podium. Walsh asks, “Do you want to be mayor?”

The video cuts to a shot of the creature at Walsh’s desk with a placard that reads “Boston Yeti Mayor.”

The yeti foreshadowed the farce Saturday in a letter to Boston.com. He also reflected on the record-setting winter.

“As spring comes gently knocking, I find myself feeling nostalgic for those blustery mornings, those frigid snow covered nights, and those smiles and handshakes you all graciously shared as I roamed the frozen streets of Boston and the surrounding neighborhoods,” wrote the yetk. “With one shovel, claw, and “Hello!” at a time, we managed to survive this unprecedented winter…together.

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