Somerville is a hot spot for millennials these days, but finding an apartment that is both affordable enough and big enoughto accommodate all your needs on a budget can be nearly impossible. From renovated kitchens to bay windows tomulti-level living, these three Ball Square apartments prove it's still possible to live in style and not break the bank in Somerville's up-and-coming neighborhoods.

1. 7 Hinckley St.

This two-bedroom apartment is situated just steps from Magoun Sqaureand boasts more than 900 square feet of living space. For $2,150 a month, the apartment offers a fully-equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances and proximity to shops, restaurants and public transportation.

2. Adams Street


If you're itching for a pad in the Winter Hill neighborhood, look no further than this Adams Street apartment. This charming brownstone boasts two bedrooms for just $1,800 a month. The newly-renovated second-floor unit soaksin the natural light, which dances around thenew kitchen and bath. High ceilings and hardwood floors throughout give this pad a spacious feeling.

3. 80 JacquesSt.

If you like a little room to spread out, this duplex on Winter Hill might be the place for you. For $2,100 a month, the unit is located on two-levels and features more than 1,200 sqaure feet of living space, including two large bedrooms, a sun room, porch, and spacious living room.The large kitchen boasts stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and plenty of pantry space. ​

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