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Sticking around town over Christmas? Don't worry, there's still plenty to do out and about in the city. Here are a few options.


'The Light Princess'

Through Jan. 4


Loeb Drama Center

64 Brattle St., Cambridge

$15, 617-547-8300


This children’s play, a popular draw last year, returns to the Loeb for another run. Based on a story by 19th century Scottish fantasy master George MacDonald, it tells of a princess who’s lost her tie to gravity—both the physical and emotional types—due to a witch’s curse. If the curse isn’t lifted by her 16th birthday, she’ll lose her kingdom forever.


Jen Kirkman

Friday and Saturday

Laugh Boston

425 Summer St., Boston

$25, 617-725-2844


If you’re looking for a family values comedian, Jen Kirkman’s not it—she published a book in 2013 entitled “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself:Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids”. In her set she says sometimes people ask her why she’s never had kids. Her withering reply: “I’ve just never had that instinct to ruin my life.”


Luminos/C/ity.Ordinary Joy

Through January

Cooper Gallery

102 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge

Free, coopergalleryhc@gmail.com


This exhibition, the first at Harvard’s brand new Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African and African-American Art, brings together 98 examples of contemporary African art selected from the Jean Pigozzi Contemporary Art Collection in Geneva, Switzerland, including photography, modeling, sculpture, painting and videography. These disparate, highly individual voices combine to reflect the polyphony of African urban experience.


The Christmas Revels

Through Sunday

Sanders Theater

45 Quincy St., Cambridge

$10-$40, 617-496-2222


​​Revels holds many sing-along events throughout the year, but its annual show at the winter solstice remains the most iconic. Each year is has a different thematic setting, and this year they’ve chosen Victorian England, specifically the Great Exhibition of 1851. Drawing inspiration from the music hall shows of the era, it includes dances, carols, storytelling and comedy.


Not Just a Nut: The Essential Bill Murray

Thursday through Dec. 31

Brattle Theater

40 Brattle St. Cambridge

$8-$12, 617-876-6837


Few actors get to have as long as varied a career as Bill Murray, from his screwball early role in films like “Caddyshack” to the wild comic fantasies of “Ghostbusters” and Scrooged” to later, dramatic material like “Lost in Translation” and his tragicomic Wes Anderson roles in “Rushmore” and “The Life Aquatic”. All those films and more show up in this series.

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