Nothing says "summer" like watching a 1950s melodrama, right?


'Imitation of Life'

Friday through Sunday


Brattle Theater

40 Brattle St., Cambridge

$9-$11, 617-876-6837

The Brattle screens a new restoration of this 1950 film about two mother-daughter pairs, one black, one white. The white mother is a widow who dreams of Hollywood success while ignoring her child; the black mother, her housekeeper, is dealing with the pain of her own daughter’s desire to “pass” for white in a segregated world.

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Zahili Gonzalez Zamora Project

Thursday, 6 p.m.

Institute of Contemporary Art

100 Northern Ave., Boston

Free, 617-478-3100

Next up in the Harborwalk Sounds series is this prodigious Cuban musician, who trained as a classical musician from childhood. A turn in direction came in adulthood, when a stint in a traditional Cuban ensemble unlocked a passion for jazz. Her sense of rhythm remains strongly Cuban, her bass lines smoothly funky, her horn arrangements crisp and sprightly.


Mega Musical Chairs

Friday, 6 p.m.

Fanueil Hall Marketplace

4 S. Market Bldg., Boston

Free, 617-523-1300

Yes, that’s right, a giant game of musical chairs at Fanueil Hall. Seriously, giant—over 100 chairs. You’ll be competing for prizes from local merchants, but more importantly, you’ll be competing for glory. It’s adults only—you actually have to at least 18 to play. If you want to participate, you’ll have to register online. Music provided by the Cocek Brass Band.


Jordan Carlos

Thursday through Saturday

Laugh Boston

425 Summer St., Boston

$20-$25, 617-725-2844

You may have caught Jordan Carlos on the MTV shows "Guy Code", "Girl Code" or "Guy Court”, or perhaps on “Broad City” or the “Colbert Report”. Point is he’s been around, both on and off-screen—he’s currently a writer for Larry Wilmore. The self-described “black preppy” loves to deconstruct social stereotypes. Other favored topics include pop music and the strangeness of semi-fame.


Fisherman’s Feast

Thursday through Sunday

North St. and Fleet St.

North End, Boston

Free, 617-590-1957

There are several Italian feasts in the North End each year, but this is the oldest and biggest. Held since 1910, it attracts throngs to Boston’s “Little Italy.”There are vendors, carnival games, live music, and the famous traditional ceremonies, the highlight of which is the rather exceptional spectacle known as “The Flight of the Angel.”

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