There is reportedly a parking space for sale in Beacon Hill for $650,000 and if that doesn’t outrage you, then who the hell are you and when are you buying us all lunch?
The Brimmer Street Garage is selling a 171-square-foot parking spot for $650,000,NBC reports, with housing not included.
“David Bates of Raveis Marketing Group, who works a few blocks away from the garage, said the price tag doesn't shock him. He told NBC affiliate NECN that scarcity is the biggest issue in the area,” according to NBC.
We’re sure space is an issue in Boston, but $650,000 sounds a little ridiculous.
Here are a list of houses, condos and apartments you can buy with for that same amount or even less:

You can purchase this pretty adorable condo in the Back Bay for$549,000 complete with a patio and new renovations. Parking, however, is not included.

You can also snatch up this delightful one bedroom for only $445,000!

And finally, for a mere$650,000 you can snatch up this pixalated looking apartment in the Back Bay. We're sure a gut renovation can fix all the nasty pixalation though.

If all these things seem a little too extravagant, or maybe you're just not on the market to buy a new home, perhaps you can spend your extra $650,000 on the following:


About309,524 single ride passes on the T.

About173,333 slices of Boston Cream Pie.

About38,235 Spalding "Never Flat" footballs.

About 32,000 overpriced lobster rolls.

About 8,333 single game tickets to Fenway.

About 33 days of Tom Brady's base level $7 million salary for 2015.

You get the point.

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