Inside the STK restaurant in the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. TheGeorge Rose/Getty Images

Steak is grand, albeit a little polarizing in preference, a little dated in concept — but overall, just fine. No one (except a vegetarian) is probably going to decline a company-bought steak dinner. So, in theory, steakhouses serve a general purpose and don’t often need bells and whistles to bring in clientele — hungry for lumps of blue cheese and butter and soft white rolls.

However, the customary steakhouse customer is glaringly obvious; it’s a bit of a boys club. So much so that a 2013 report from Fortune Magazine correlated the upturn in high-end steakhouse sales to a better economy, or more crudely, more I-Bank-paid dinners. However, if you’re a woman with a hankering for some red meat hospitality: you may finally be in luck.

A restaurant named STK Rebel is set to come to the Seaport District, reports The Boston Globe, and is targeting the ladies. Founder Jonathan Segal says he wants to create a “different steakhouse that appealed to the female market.”

The proposed two-floor steakhouse will settle in by the ICA, with a live DJ that plays “70s and 80s light rock,” and what parent brand STK calls an “infectious high-energy vibe.” While a trendy, nightlife-focused steakhouse concept actually sounds quite cool (and it’s hardly the first), STK Rebel’s target demo of “men in their late 30s and up, and women in their 20s and up” sounds a bit like the gender-skewing meat market we’d like to avoid.


Regardless, their inexplicably flirtatious, decidedly pink marketing campaign has their sights set on you, 20-something ladies with cash to burn.

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