Dizzy, the monkey who escaped his enclosure Tuesday from a zoo in Springfield, is flickr/Eric Kilby

Zookeepers atSpringfield’s Zoo in Forest Park were still chasing around a monkey named Dizzy Wednesday after the 12-pound primate fled his enclosure on Tuesday.

The zoo wrote on Facebook Wednesday that they still hadn’t found the sneaky little primate, and that the park would remain closed until they can track him down.

“We are now pleading with the public and the media to stay away from the zoo until Dizzy is returned safely. This could take days, so we appreciate your cooperation,” zoo officials wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning.

In an early afternoon update, the zoo said it was “so very close to returning Dizzy to his home.”


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The search started when “an employee was cleaning the enclosure and had walked out to help a visitor when Dizzy twisted a doorknob and let himself out,” the zoo said, adding that the incident was a first.

Dizzy’s story has circled the globe, and the zoo says he has gotten spooked by the crush of media attention and other onlookers who showed up to watch the action.

Zookeepers came close to snatching Dizzy Tuesday night, the zoo wrote on Facebook, but one of the many bystanders for reasons unknown “threw an object attempting to hit Dizzy and scared him off.”

“We are asking for the continued cooperation of the media and the public and to please stay back, do not come to the park if you do not need to, and if you are here and happened to see Dizzy, do not approach,” zoo officials said.

Earlier, photographer Don Treeger of the Springfield Republican captured pictures of Dizzy frolicking on top of a leopard cage and “enjoying his freedom.”

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