Business as usual at South Station day after deadly Amtrak crash

South Station was quiet following a deadly derailment in Philadelphia.

The Amtrak section in South Station was eerily quiet as rush hour approached on Wednesday afternoon following the deadly derailment in Philadelphia Tuesday evening.


But the rest of South Station was business as usual with commuters hustling to get catch their Commuter Rail trains and or pouring in and out of the Red and Silver Line stops.


Commuters heading to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and the Boston suburbs filed in as usual. But there were few signs of travelers looking to go further south than New York City.


An Amtrak Police Officer said that most people knew that travel to New York City by rail was impossible and had already scrambled to make other arrangements, either going by bus or flying out of Logan Airport.


Amtrak and Acela trains ran on schedule between Boston and New York, but could go no further down the line. Those that chose to ride the rails were unphased by the chaos from Tuesday night, riding their normal commute to and from work as if nothing had happened.

Service between Boston and New York to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. is not expected to resume at any point this week, forcing commuters to seek alternate means of traveling, either by rental cars, driver services or buses

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