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Activists converge in Boston to show support for Trump, Planned Parenthood

Two very different rallies took place on Boston Common and outside the State House.

The cold did not deter activists from converging in downtown Boston for two separate rallies on Saturday afternoon.

Thousands, including Mayor Marty Walsh, gathered on Boston Common to protest possible funding cuts for Planned Parenthood.

The demonstration came the day after Republican Gov. Charlie Baker announced the state would fill holes in the budget of the state’s Planned Parenthood chapter should Congress move to prevent Medicaid funds being used for treatment at the facility.

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“We will not sit silently as the Trump Administration and GOP-led Congress attack not only the constitutionally guaranteed right to have an abortion, but basic access to preventive care for millions of Americans,” Rep. Joseph Kennedy said at the rally, according to NBC Boston.

Outside the nearby Massachusetts State House, supporters of President Donald Trump were also making their voices heard as part of the national #March4Trump day.

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Though their numbers were much smaller than those seen on Boston Common, their passion for the president was still evident from their proudly waving American flags and signs that read everything from “Thank you Trump” and “Make America Great Again” to “Gays for Trump.”

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