NFL free agent running back Adrian Peterson met with the Patriots on Monday.

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Beyond that the Patriots may be scared off because of Adrian Peterson’s bizarre parenting skills is that this generation’s best pure RUNNING back isn’t that great of a receiving back, and isn’t much of a pass blocker either.


The Patriots have long preferred backs who excel at catching the football, which is another reason why it’s unlikely that Bill Belichick will sign Peterson to a contract despite him meeting with the team on Monday.


Peterson’s questionable pass catching skills were a point of contention in Minnesota a couple years back, and despite Mike Zimmer saying that AP “catches the ball good,” the RB’s numbers in the receiving game have never been overwhelming.


Peterson hasn’t been targeted in a season more than 40 times since 2012 when he saw 51 passes thrown his way. He’s been targeted 333 times in his career and has caught 241 passes. He has just five receiving touchdowns in his career and is routinely taken out of the game on third down.


That said, the man who Peterson would potentially be replacing in the Patriots backfield – LeGarrette Blount – isn’t exactly Marshall Faulk either.

Blount was targeted just eight times by Patriots quarterbacks last season and caught just seven balls total. He has just 66 targets in his career and has caught just 46 balls for one touchdown.