The fake Twitter account of Adrian Wojnarowski Wednesday night.Screen grab

Every year at this time, Yahoo! / The Vertical writer Adrian Wojnarowski has the most popular Twitter feed in the world.

But like the geniuses/scumbags who initially bought up URLs like "" and "," we have trolls who like to rain on our basketballparade at each and every NBA trade deadline by creating fake Wojnarowski Twitter accounts.

On Trade Deadline Eve 2016, I stumbled upon this doozyof an account above. @WoiVerticalNBA is pretty damn close to @WojVerticalNBA. All he or she had to do was replace a "J" with an "I." He or she even has the patented Wojnarowski Butler gym in the upper left hand corner for authenticity.So congrats witty troll. You're giving fans (and sports editors) everywhere aneurysms tonight.

This popped up on my Twitter feed around 5:35 p.m. Wednesday night:


"Heat acquire Al Horford and Rudy Gay in first 4 way trade since 2012, League sources tell @TheVertical."

There were also these fun swaps:

"Celtics acquire Blake Griffin and Hassan Whiteside in 3-way trade, League sources tell @TheVertical"

"Sacramento has sent RajonRondo to Detroit in return for Steve Blake and a 2016 first round pick, League sources tell @TheVertical"

And even this dark one:

"Tobias Harris has committed suicide after being acquired by Detroit. Left note saying, "Bye Disney Land," According to Y! Sports"

This practice also happens in March during the NFL free agency frenzy. As we highlighted a few years back, ADARNSCHEFTERis my mortal enemy.