Det. LeBert also appeared in a 2012 video that detailed testy encounter with a man trYouTube screenshot

The Medford detective who was caught on camera threatening to murder a driver over a traffic violation has stepped down.

Detective Stephen LeBert had come under intense scrutiny beginning in July after the dash camera footage surfaced, which showed him threatening to “blow a hole” in a man’s head during an off-duty traffic stop.

He had been scheduled to appear at a disciplinary hearing Thursday, Oct. 15 to discuss the incident.

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LeBert chose to step down today, his lawyer Ken Anderson confirmed for Metro.

Anderson said the choice was a “long and very difficult” one for LeBert to make and said LeBert had not decided what his next steps would be.

He said Thursday’s hearing was “a factor.”

Anderson also lamented the way public attention turned on LeBert following the 30-year veteran’s outburst.

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“I think clearly he was unprofessional in his actions with this motorist, but I think the public right now has set the bar so high for what they expect police officers to do and there’s no room at all for human frailty,” he said. “We live in a world of second chances for everyone but police officers.”

LeBert’s history of temper flare-ups with community members has been well documented, including several complaints filed against him.

In 2012, a video showed LeBert with a grin on his face harassing a man trying to film an arrest in progress, rubbing his finger on the man’s camera lens.

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