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Airbnb has refunded its penalty against an Emerson College student who is facing disciplinary action for subletting his dorm on the rental website.

Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s chief technology officer, tweeted to Emerson student Jack Worth that dorm-room ambitions can indeed become greatly successful, the Boston Globe reported.

Earlier in the week, Airbnb had fined Worth $150 for having listed then removed his dorm room, the Washington Post reported in a related article.


Worth told the Globe that he had indeed violated the school’s housing policy by listing his dorm on Airbnb.

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“I was not looking to put anyone in danger, and I didn’t see my actions as doing so,” Worth was quoted in a separate Globe article.

Besides reaching out to Worth on Twitter, Airbnb has refunded the $150 penalty, the Globe added.

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