Animal Rescue League of Boston

An exotic golden pheasant bird spotted throughout Jamaica Plain over the past month was captured by caregivers at the Animal Rescue League of Boston this week.

“It’s definitely a boy,” Danielle Genter, who caught the bird, told Jamaica Plain News. “I found him under some shrubs and, after a short chase, I was able to catch him with a net by cornering him by a porch."

“He was kind of surprised [by his capture], but he has settled in nicely [in Dedham],” she reportedly added.

While the animal could likely find food in the summer, the group said it may not have survived the winter without the help of human intervention.


The organization said it received information about three sightings of the bird throughout August. Jamaica Plain resident Judie Blair told the Boston Globe that she was feeding the animal — not native to the Boston area, and likely a pet — almost daily during the summer.

The animals can’t be kept without a permit, but the organization said after a quick health check, they’ll be looking for a qualified home for a long-term placement.

The bird is a native to parts of China, but also have feral populations throughout the world, in part due to their popularization as pets.

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