Earlier this month, Boston LGBTQIA Artists’ Alliance (BLAA) kicked off their summer show, “You Think It’s _____, But It’s Really _____.” at Midway Studios in Fort Point. They’ll be there until September 2nd, and an artists’ talk and performance is planned for the 20th.

Featuring a lineup of local queer artists, the show is all about what it is to be queer and disabled, whatever that disability is and whether it’s imposed by society or not. The pieces on display explore the ways in which “queerness” and “disability” interact, balance each other out and shape the artists’ work and careers.

“There’s a lot of stigma attached to a lot of different kinds of disabilities; there are artists who don’t talk about that part of themselves, because of their endeavors in their artistic career,” said Allison Maria Rodriguez, a BLAA committee member and one of the show’s organizers. “That’s part of how I felt like it was a very timely and significant thing that needed to happen in this particular show.”

Local artist Rosie Ranauro’s piece consists of a series of projected images, shot and edited using her phone. She suffers from a chronic illness, which informs her work and the way she creates it.


“It’s about how you can adapt your studio practice when you’re unable to be in your studio, that’s a thing I’m interested in over the last couple years when I’ve gone through periods of severe fatigue or being otherwise unable to make more “traditional” work,” she said. “I’m interested in what we consider ‘real work’, how we use those ideas to keep people out of the art community, people who physically are not able to access work in certain ways.”

Founded in 2012, BLAA is a volunteer-run organization that supports, brings together and exhibits work by LGBTQIA artists living in Boston.

“It’s a welcoming space, it’s a space that’s nonjudgmental, where people can express themselves and they can also fall down and get back up,” Rodriguez said. “It’s a really interesting mix of people who’ve been educated and brought up in the art world along with people who’ve never shown before, never exhibited their work.”

If you go:

Through Sept. 2

Performance + Artist Talk on August 20 at 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Midway Gallery at Midway Artist Studios

15 Channel Center Street, Boston

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