A bear peers into a hidden camera in The Berkshires this week.

The Trustees/Instagram



The Trustees, a nonprofit conservation organization that cares for over 100 open spaces throughout the Bay State, also maintains a number of field cameras throughout its sites, aimed at keeping an eye on the local wildlife.


It was one of those devices, placed in The Berkshires,that caught this charming fellow, peering into the lens in what some at the organization dubbed a “bear selfie.”


So far, the post has nearly 200 likes.


“We couldn't resist posting this ‘extreme close-up’ (bear selfie?) captured by a field camera used by our Conservation Restriction (CR) team,” the group wrote in an Instagram post. “The CR team work tirelessly to help permanently protect land here in Massachusetts as well as working closely with our ecology team, and these cameras help keep tabs on the local wildlife.”


The image was captured on a Reconyx PC900 camera, which features heavy camouflage and employs night-vision technology. So, it’s possible the bear was completely unaware of the surveillance equipment in his midst.

Still, it’s a cool image, so you can all deal.

You can see the original post below.