Bill Simmons' HBO show 'Any Given Wednesday' has been cancelled.

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Bill Simmons revolutionized the world of sports column writing and was a pioneer in the world of sports podcasting, but Simmons' efforts to change the world of sports television were not as successful.

Sports Illustrated media critic Richard Deitsch tweeted out Friday afternoon, "Any Given Wednesday will not return to HBO next season. Last show is Nov. 9."

Simmons' HBO show has struggled to gain traction after as it averaged just 249,833 viewers through its first six shows. The first run ratings for Simmons' Oct. 26 show was an ugly 82,000 viewers.

Simmons recently wrote a rareNBA column for his popular website, The Ringer, and his Channel 33 podcast empire is thriving - so B.S. is not going away anytime soon. It just remains to be seen if this is the end of "TV Simmons." Folks on Twitter were already speculating that Simmons would jump to FOX Sports - which is in the infant stages of sports media war against Simmons' former employer, ESPN.


"Bill Simmons is gonna head to FS1 now right?," wrote @ahammsportsgeek.

"How soon until FS1 starts the Bill Simmons/Katie Nolan fake debate show?," wrote @meltz00.

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