Two groups split on whether Boston should host the 2024 Summer Olympics stepped up efforts on Monday to convince the U.S. Olympic Committee which way to lean.

Boston 2024, a group organizing the city's bid to host the Summer Games, on Monday unveiled a new website,,and a promotional video called “2024 Anthem” that touts Boston's universities, sports culture, and clean energy efforts.

"Together we show a proud legacy of forward progress, from our days as colonial settlers to our next chance to define the course of our history," a supporter says in the video."[Our focus is] to create a sustainable model for hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games that can become the blueprint for future host cities."

But as Metro has previously reported, not all are so keen on the Games hitting Boston.


A local group against the Olympic bid on Monday also flaunted their feelings on the matter.

No Boston Olympics, which has cited immense costs as reason to steer clear of the undertaking, mailed a letter to the USOC arguing that hosting the 2024 Games would threaten the state’s ability invest in health care, education and transportation infrastructure.

"As the home of the United States' first public school, first public park and first subway, [Massachusetts] has a strong and proud tradition of social investment," the group writes. "Choosing Boston as the sole U.S. finalist for 2024 will threaten those efforts."

No Boston Olympics estimates that the cost of hosting the Summer Games could run between $10 billion and $20 billion - as much as The Big Dig.

The group said Boston would be required to build a new Olympic stadium, velodrome, aquatics center, and Olympic Village -- all from scratch.

The USOC is set to vote on a U.S. candidate city in seven weeks.

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