Keep those skis out -- more snow Thursday!

Nicolas Czarnecki

It was one for the record books -- in Worcester, Mass. at least.

And more is on the way.

While New Yorkers seem to be bellyaching that they missed out on the Blizzard of 2015, folks in Massachusetts wish they were only so lucky.

Worcester got more than 33.5 inches of snow, blowing past the 33 it got April 1, 1997, reports NBC Boston.

For Boston, the storm proved to be the sixth largest in the record books with 23.3 inches. reports that the city has now had 14 inches more than it gets on average in a winter season -- and there is still two more months to go.

Indeed another storm will hit Thursday and forecasters are predicting up one to four inches.

The good news: MBTA service is back, Logan is open (with few flights), and you can tool around again in your car. After you dig out, that is.

It’s still a good idea to stay home another day, says Gov. Charlie Baker.

Most schools, including Boston public schools remain closed.

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