Supporters of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hold signs outside the Moakley Federal Courthouse on NICOLAUS CZARNECKI/METRO

Lawyers for accused Boston bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who is set to begin trial on Jan. 5, have asked a federal judge to take “reasonable measures” to control demonstrations by people, mostly women, who claim to support the 21-year-old terror suspect.

In a motion filed on Monday, defense attorneys said the demonstrations, in which Tsarnaev supporters blame the bombing on a government conspiracy, could threaten his right to a fair trial.

The demonstrators have also suggested that the bombing deaths and injuries were faked by so-called "crisis actors."

Defense attorneys said in the motion that Tsarnaev does not agree with these notions.


Also on Monday, his lawyers asked again, that the high-profile trial be moved out of the city. They say Tsarnaev won't get a fair trial.

"The crimes charged inflicted actual injury on the entire local population," attorneys wrote in court papers filed late Monday. "Greater Boston, was itself, a victim."

Prosecutors have argued that impartial juries have previously been selected for high-profile trials. It was unknown whether a hearing will be held to discuss the matter.