Firefighters from Boston Fire Department Engine 41 and Ladder 14, appearing in a PYouTube

Is your new apartment up to Boston’s fire safety codes?

The city is launching a public service campaign this month in conjunction with the new school year, advising students that their “best roommates evah” are smoke alarms and having “two ways out” of their apartments.

The slogan is slightly confusing — and delivered in a pretty hilarious Bostonian monotone by city firefighters that is definitely worth a watch —but also offers some pretty smart advice: The firefighters featured in video all responded to the fatal Allston fire that killed Boston University senior Binland Lee in 2013.

Many, including Lee’s family, who later filed a lawsuit against her landlord in 2014, blamed the student’s death on a lack of exits and a faulty smoke detector system.


In the proud tradition of previous cultural nods like “Be Wicked Safe,” signs throughout Boston are also sporting the slogan, delivered in the Bostonian patois.

Want to make sure your new pad is up to code, or have a question? You can check out the City of Boston’s Inspectional Services page, or contact 617-635-5300.

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