Admit it. After this past winter, you said you would never complain about the heat once summer rolled in. Flash forward to mid-July, with the sun high and hot, and a heat wave rolling through, and moods are little different in Boston.

For those still loving tropical conditions in the city, though, this week is shaping up to be very hot and mostly clear, with highs in the 80s, and a projected high up in the low 90s for Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Showers and potentially severe thunderstorms were headed for Boston Sunday afternoon.

Mostly sunny weather is forecast for the rest of the week, with the possibility of some more warm weather thunderstorms mixed in.

With dangers of dehydration and overheating, Bostonians would no doubt be guzzling water and seeking out shady areas this week, maybe taking a splash in the cool ocean waters—hopefully while keeping an eye out for our toothy shark neighbors and staying clear of shark-attracting seals.


The city was urging residents to be mindful of their neighbors this week, checking in on the elderly and the homeless—the most vulnerable to the unusually high temps.

There are two hotlines for concerned citizens looking to help out their senior neighbors. You can reach the Elderly Commission at 617-635-4366 or the Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 (for those calling after hours or on weekends).

If you spot a homeless person in need, there are a few things you can do to help, according to the Healthy Boston Blog. Offer a bottle of water, help locate shelters and be mindful of homeless people who are asleep and dehydrated in the sun and may need medical attention. For emergencies, call 911.

Boston offers a number of cooling centers around the city, many of which are open on weekends.

The city also urged caution when enjoying adult beverages in the sun, recommending on their Beat the Heat page that Bostonians avoid downing too many cold ones.

The weather here is never perfect, and maybe hot and humid isn’t your style. But remember: winter will be back before we know it. Enjoy the sun while it lasts, safely.

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