The victim was able to get away from her attacker and report the assault to a man in Google Commons

A Lynn man appeared in court on Friday facing charges of attempted kidnapping, attempted rape and child endangerment.

TheSuffolk County District Attorney's Office alleges that Gerardo Elenilson Portillo, 26, attempted to lure a woman into his car as she was walking alone along Revere Street on Monday night.

"He said, 'Hey. How are you, beautiful? Why don't you get in and we'll go for a ride,'" Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty said, WCVD reported.

When she refused, Portillo allegedly followed her into a Harvard Street parking lot and pursued her on foot leaving his 3-year-old daughter in his car.When the victim refused Portillo's promises of drugs and money, he tried to physically take her into his car.


Portillo allegedly strangled the victim who "started screaming during the attack after he hit her several times to the face and smashed her onto the ground," Delehanty said.

POrtillofled to his vehicle, Winthrop Police Department reported.The victim fled to a business and reported the assault to a man who took down the car's license plate.Liquor store cameras along the commercial stretch alsocaught the events.

The victim was transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and treated for a facial fracture and other injuries.

Portillo was arrested by Somerville Police at his workplaceThursday afternoon. During aninterview with Winthrop Police, he allegedly made statements incriminating himself, prosecutors said.

Portillo is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Aug. 5.

A dangerousness hearing is usedto determine if the suspect of a violent or felony crime is a danger to society if released prior to the trial.