Boston Medical Center plans to be the first Mass. hospital to offer gender reassigFlickr

More than 100 people hoping to have gender reassignment surgery have joined a growing list at Boston Medical Center, which reportedly plans to become the first Massachusetts hospital to offer the surgery.

BMC already offers surgeries like hormone therapy, breast augmentation, facial feminization and other care for transgender patients, according to The Boston Globe, but demand for reassignment surgery has prompted the hospital to offer the next step. Only a handful of U.S. states offer gender reassignment surgery.

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“The demand for care from the transgender community is significant and has not been met,’’ Dr. Joshua Safer, an endocrinologist and medical director of BMC’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, told the Globe. “It’s a community that has been neglected for years and years.’’


According to the report, the hospital will offer male-to-female surgery this summer, but female-to-male surgery may take longer to implement, as it is more complex.

Surgery candidates must be adults who have lived for a year or more as their new gender, the Globe reported

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