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Boston police arrest 'Fidler on the Roof imitator' after multiple break-ins

Police say the suspect jumped from roof to roof in the North End to burglarize homes.

An aerial view of the North End, where a man jumped from roof to roof early SundaySfoskett / English Wikipedia Creative Commons

Boston Police arrested a man on Sunday whom they've dubbed the "Fiddler on the Roof imitator" after he allegedly jumped from roof to roof in the North End to break into homes.

Damian Tejada, 24, of New York, was charged with two counts of breaking and entering a residence at nighttime and two counts of attempted breaking and entering a residence at nighttime, police said.

Officials responded to a call for a break-in at about 12:55 a.m. at 10 Thacher Street in Boston where thetenanttold officers that he heard someone try to break into his apartment through the skylight.

According to that tenant, someone had tried to break into two other apartments before running away, police said.


Police later received another call of a person trying to break into an apartment in the same area on North Margin Street. That resident told police that he believed the suspect may have jumped onto the roof of the adjacent building after his unsuccessful attempt to get into the residence.

"In hot pursuit," according to a statement from the police, officers jumped onto the next-door building's roof. Once inside the building, another victim told police that the suspect was in his apartment.

According to police, that tenant "heard a loud noise on his roof and when he threw open his door to see what was the matter, the suspect walked into his apartment."

Police located and arrested Tejada there, and also noted that "At no time during the booking process was the suspect found to be in possession of a fiddle or any other music-making instrument."

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