Boston police Sgt. Edwin Guzman, who Metro previously reported was facing charges of sending explicit images to a minor, is reportedly fighting those charges, the Boston Herald reported.

Guzman’s lawyer, Kenneth Anderson, claims that the charges are baseless, saying that the teen would not have thought the picture of a penis was shocking because of the plethora of d*ck pics on the Internet.

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“You can’t tell me someone her age has never seen a picture of a penis on the Internet,” Anderson reportedly said.


Guzman allegedly sent explicit messages that escalated to sending a picture of his penis to the minor, who considered him a trusted adult and family friend in 2014.

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“It started off we regularly chat and it's mostly about school and how life is,” the teenager, who was 16 at the time the messages were sent, explained to WCVB. “If I gave him like pleasure and let him do things to me, he'd be willing to buy me things…. He took a picture of his penis and he sent it to me.”

Guzman was charged with annoying a member of the opposite sex and for sending obscene material to a minor, however, two years later, the obscene material charge was dropped when investigators couldn't find evidence of the obscene image.

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