The grant could help improve financial literacy test scores for Boston students.Flickr Creative Commons

Boston Public Schools will receive a nearly $180,000 grant to cover the cost of a new financial education program in the school district.

The award, offered by Discover Financial Services, will fund a program reaching 6,000 students across 30 public high schools in the city.

The group has awarded nearly $10 million over the past five years to fund similarly programs in nearly 1,000 schools and districts throughout the country.

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As a result of those grants “many” of those schools witnessed an improvement of nearly two letter grades on financial literacy test scores.

"In order for our students to be successful after they graduate they will need to know how to navigate the financial landscape they will encounter in their everyday experiences,” Superintendent Tommy Chang said in a statement. "This grant will provide our students with a course on financial literacy that will go a long way toward helping them gain the skills necessary for their adult lives.”

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