School was cancelled Monday and Tuesday in BostonNicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

After two straight days of cancelled school thanks to yet another snowstorm, Boston public schools will be open on Wednesday.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he had been in discussion with several school unions and that snow days will be made up on Evacuation Day, March 19 and Bunker Hill Day, June 17.

An unprecedented amount of snow — more than six feet in 17 days — brought with it numerous school cancellations. So many, in fact, that there was a conundrum: school union contracts required school to be done by June 30, while state law mandates school districts to be in session for 180 days.

Having school on the two holidays will give the district another snow day to burn without going past June 30.


If there are additional snow days, Walsh said he would explore other options, including school on Saturdays or April vacation.

“Everything’s on the table,” he said

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