As the action plays out at the Iowa Caucus on Monday, Matthew Filipowicz and his band of left-leaning Bostonian jokesters will be watching, ready to poke fun at an election year milestone, and to skewer opponents on the right.

“On the Republican side I think it’s gonna be a bloodbath,” Filipowicz told Metro on Sunday. “The crap is hitting the fan.”

Filipowicz, comedian and talk radio host, runs a progressive comedy show called Laughing Liberally at the Riot Theater in Jamaica Plain. The monthly revue features a revolving lineup of Boston comics and features special guests (alums include Daily Kos editor Laura Clawson and Robin Jacks of the anti-Olympics No Boston 2024).

Their goal in 2016: “entertain the troops,” united in their mission to send a Democrat to the White House, Filipowicz said while on break from canvassing for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.


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“I think the best comedy has a point of view,” he said, adding that if any conservatives have ever stopped by to catch one of his shows, they haven’t spoken up about it.

This weekend, we asked the Laughing Liberally crew - a mix of Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters - to sound off on the state of Election 2016 as they see it. Here’s what they said:

Matthew Filipowicz

In past GOP primaries, they've weeded out candidates who seem too racist.This year, the base is trying to figure out who's the MOST racist.

Donald Trump has insulted Latinos, Muslims, women.What's next?Cats? "Kittens are a highly overrated pet with zero cred. Losers."

Ted Cruz would be the first President with the glassy stare of a cult member.

Bernie is running against those who think the Big Short was a feel good movie.

Nick Ortolani

To be fair, opponents of gun control simply believe buying guns shouldn't be as difficult as acquiring women's health care.


It’s hard to tell if Ted Cruz has early onset Donald Trump, or if Donald Trump has late onset Ted Cruz.

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Pamela Ross

Bernie Sanders is one Hawaiian shirt away from becoming a "cool" weekend dad, while Carly Fiorina is the scariest substitute teacher at my Catholic school.

Kenice Mobley

Ted Cruz is the guy who was bullied in school, but even the teachers thought he deserved it.

This election is the best thing to happen to the news since the Watergate Scandal. Late night talk show hosts have never had it so easy. This ragtag group of republicans says more dumb or crazy stuff than any other primary field and I'm including George Bush.

Kwasi Mensah

The only thing that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common are the night sweats they give Hillary Clinton.

Ben Carson is the reason why neurologist aren't allowed to do surgery on themselves.

"Make America* Great Again" *Does not apply if you gained the right to vote in the last 100 years.

Who would've thought that in 2016, the Republican presidential field would be more diverse than the Oscars?


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Emily Ruskowski

Donald Trump has had more success in this election than he would in a first grade class election. Though six year olds love loud people with silly hair, they know an ignorant bully when they see one, and they would never let such a loose cannon make important decisions regarding pizza day.

Srilatha Rajamani

I've heard white people talk about reverse racism and that we are in a post-racial America. But your Electoral College system itself only exists because a popular vote Presidential election would have made the South lose its 3/5ths clause advantage. So maybe, just maybe, the election of one black President cannot erase racism in America :) #oscarsSoWhite for a good reason.

Tawanda Gona

Hilary Clinton seems like the type of person that gives out mini toothbrushes on Halloween.

Rubio looks like a Lego person on his first job interview.

I'm really impressed that Ted Cruz hasn't used his protective ink sack to get himself out of tricky situations. He's pretty brave for a sea creature living on land.


Christa Weiss

The main difference between democrats and republicans is who you blame your financial problems on. That being said I think Bernie Sanders is finally blaming the right people.

You can catch Laughing Liberally’s next show on Saturday, Feb. 13.

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