Boston wake-up call app aims to help kick the morning blues

Spriteli offers up a daily dose of good vibes to start your day.

This morning, when your alarm clock was blaring, and you were just thrilled that it was Monday, you dragged yourself into work. To start the week,you had a case of the “Moody Mondays."


It doesn't have to be that way, thought the Bostonians behind Spriteli, an app that lets youwake up to positive vibes via video chat.


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Every morning, the app providesa “concierge” from somewhere around the world who leadsa two-minute positive activity in real-time:stretching, guided breathing or visualizing the perfect vacation, for example.


“The goal of the app is to enable people to start their day in the best way possible,” CEO and co-founder Chris Hilger told Metro. “There’s a lot of research that shows how you start your day actually impacts how the rest of your day goes — so focusing on the right things instead of diving right into email or hitting the snooze on your alarm.”

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Not thrilled about showing off your bed head? The app lets you choose if you want the video call to be one- or two-way.

Spiriteli could be the next big thing in waking up, said Scout Stevenson, executive creative director.

"By now, I compare my call to my cup of coffee," Stevenson told Metro. "It gets my day going and puts me in a positive mindset."

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