This morning, when your alarm clock was blaring, and you were just thrilled that it was Monday, you dragged yourself into work. To start the week,you had a case of the “Moody Mondays."

It doesn't have to be that way, thought the Bostonians behind Spriteli, an app that lets youwake up to positive vibes via video chat.

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Every morning, the app providesa “concierge” from somewhere around the world who leadsa two-minute positive activity in real-time:stretching, guided breathing or visualizing the perfect vacation, for example.


“The goal of the app is to enable people to start their day in the best way possible,” CEO and co-founder Chris Hilger told Metro. “There’s a lot of research that shows how you start your day actually impacts how the rest of your day goes — so focusing on the right things instead of diving right into email or hitting the snooze on your alarm.”

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Not thrilled about showing off your bed head? The app lets you choose if you want the video call to be one- or two-way.

Spiriteli could be the next big thing in waking up, said Scout Stevenson, executive creative director.

"By now, I compare my call to my cup of coffee," Stevenson told Metro. "It gets my day going and puts me in a positive mindset."

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