More snow is on the way for Boston.

Photo: Nicolas Czarnecki

Here we go again.

Metro Boston is facing two more snow storms in the coming days, adding insult to the already major injury left by Juno the other day -- injury that included a new record snowfall of 33.5 inches in Worcester.

A deep freeze will set in this weekend and temps will stay in the teens and 20s into next week. But that’s nothing new for New England.

The new pain will come from an Alberta Clipper Thursday night/Friday that drops up to three inches of snow in Boston -- and an entirely new storm that will likely dump more of the white stuff Sunday night and Monday. Just under a foot, according to the worst scenarios.

The National Weather Service says it has “low confidence on the “timing and track” in these systems. Indeed, the forecast has been changing every few hours Wednesday.

Says The Weather Channel’s Ari Sarsalari:

“We’ve actually got two storm systems coming in in the next week that are going to affect the Northeast ...The first one is going to be a quick moving little Alberta Clipper. ….A more significant storm is coming in early next week.

"This one looks interesting. We’re still unclear of the exact track and its going to make a big difference whether we see rain rain snow mix or snow.”

Whatever the case, it will be a “high impact event,” he said.

Meanwhile, is reporting that Mayor Marty Walsh will decide later Wednesday whether to open public schools Thursday.

A parking ban will also be lifted at 5pm.

The mayors of Philly and New York called and offered to send plows and personnel, he said.

The MBTA was already back running this morning and Logan Airport also was open, but with many flights still canceled.

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