Boston Yeti buttons.Etsy

The anonymous man under The Boston Yeti costume is reportedly selling merchandise to help his fellow furry friends.

Proceeds from the sale of stickers, buttons and bookmarks bearing the Yeti's likeness will benefit the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, the Associated Press reported. He is selling the swag on

The Yeti gained notoriety and a strong social media following this past winter after popping up during blizzards and helping residents dig out their cars.

The Yeti told The Associated Press in an email: “I can think of no better way to spin one’s popularity than for the benefit of animals in need.”


MSPCA Spokesman Rob Halpin said the organization was grateful for the Yeti’s contribution.

“It's fantastic for animals that the Yeti - who's helped us all get through an epic winter with more snow than we care to measure any longer - is now turning his attention to his fellow furry friends,” said Halpin. “Our four-Leggeds send a big 'thanks' to the Yeti!

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