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How the mighty have fallen.

James "Whitey" Bulger, 86, the long-on-the-lam legendary ganster of Boston, was punished in federal prison for masturbating in his cell, Boston.com reported.

Federal inmates are prohibited from all sexual activity.

Bulgerwas caught patting his bulge last June, and thepunishment was 30 days in solitary in the Florida prison where he is currently detained.


The incident was dug up by the Boston Globe, which found documents indicating Bulger was caught in the act with the lights on.

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He defended himself by saying, "I'm 85 years old. My sex life is over." He also reportedlyclaiming he was just applying medicated powder to his irritated genitals.

The punishment was 30 days in solitary, confiscating his personal property for the same amount of time, and cutting off his commissary and email privileges for 120 days.

Bulger, who is serving a life sentence for 11 murders,is reportedly appealing the disciplinary action to get the sanction cleared from his record.

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