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Police said a car crash that damaged a home in Salem, New Hampshire Wednesday also broke down a fake wall — revealing 12 marijuana plants and some sophisticated grow equipment.

The alleged growing room had “its own ventilation, lighting system, duct work, and some plants," Salem Police Sgt. Jason Smith told NECN.

The crash occurred when an elderly driver from Methuen backed out of the driveway next door, but accidentally hit an exterior bedroom wall at 64 N. Main St., about 30 feet away, according to the Eagle Tribune.

NECN said the homeowner wouldn’t talk on camera, but told them once their camera stopped rolling that he was not a criminal, and that the “false wall” was actually the beginning stages of a new bathroom.


The plants, he said, were flowers for his garden. Police will bring the herbs, whatever they are,to a lab to determine whether that’s true.

"If someone was growing marijuana there, it was very bad luck for them," Sgt. Smith told the network. "It was like getting hit by a meteor."

Or a bad hit from something else.

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