Cecily and her new leg.Boston Globe

Cecily, a local chicken amputee, underwent the first phase of her surgery to make a 3D printed prosthetic leg earlier this week.

Cecily was born with a torn tendon in her right leg that made walking extremely difficult. When the hen’s owner brought her in to an animal specialist they were given two options: put Cecily down, or pay for the prosthetic leg.

Cecily’s owners decided that the it was worth the $2,500 for a new leg. “We decided it was worth splurging for the rehabilitation because we love our hens,” Patrick Crozier told the Globe. “They are more than just egg-layers. We help them so they can live as long as they can. They become part of the family.”

After her series of surgeries and full re-coop-eration Cecily will be returned to the Black Thistle Farm in Clinton, Massachusetts, where her original owners, The Martin Family will take care of her chicken leg, breasts and thighs.