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City Council to take up salary boost Wednesday

How much should councilors' pay go up? Board, mayor have different ideas.

Boston City Hall


Boston City Councilors could receive a 20 percent raise Wednesday when they discuss—and possibly vote on — raising their own salaries.

Councilors haven’t seen a raise in about a decade, and over the past year have been pushing for a bump in pay. Mayor Marty Walsh has proposed a 13.7 percent increase to $99,500 from $87,500 a year.

The council, though, had some different ideas.

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Councilors, in an effort led by Chairman Bill Linehan, were set to vote on a proposal to increase the 9-member board’s paychecks by 20 percent to $105,000 at their Sept. 2 meeting. Linehan didn’t return a call from Metro on Tuesday.

Councilor Tim McCarthy told Metro he planned to support the more modest increase to $99,500.

“I think that’s more than fair,” said McCarthy, adding he’s looking forward to moving past the discussion. “It’s awfully awkward to lean into a microphone and tell people how much you’re worth.”

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Councilor Tito Jackson told Metro he supports an even smaller increase in pay to $97,000, the figure recommended by an advisory board in July.

Jackson also said he wants to put the drawn-out salary increase discussion behind him.

“People expect us to get back to the work of governing in the City of Boston,“ Jackson said. “I don’t do this job for a large check. I do it because I care about my community.”

Mayor Walsh also proposed raising Boston’s mayoral salary to $199,000, but pledged not to accept the salary increase if it’s approved, the Globe reported.

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