Brunch is just grand. Boozy brunch is even better.

However, when you’re horizontal following a night of — well, debauchery — the steps needed to go from point a (bed) to point b (a restaurant, with other very loud humans) seem like near impossible tasks.

Sure, you can wake up, make a sloppy breakfast sandwich, and crawl back into bed to devour a runny bacon-egg-and-cheese while nobody’s looking, but wouldn’t that be even better with a spicy, spicy Bloody Mary, too?

Coppersmith in Southie seems to know where your head’s at. Their at-home Bloody Mary Bar features most of the fixin’s from their epically impressive DIY station during weekend brunch service. Provided you have your own vodka — and we know you do — they’ll hand over the pints of pickled delights (brussels sprouts, okra, green beans, olives, etc) and mix-ins you need to make that spicy-sour-savory concoction at home.


Each kit includes enough to serve 10 — which requires, you know, friends — or can be hoarded to last you through your next bender.

Order yours for $95 with 24-hour notice from Coppersmith ((617) 658-3452). And yes, your hungover ass must pick it up at40 W 3rd St, South Boston.

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