Ronald Matranga.Mugshot courtesy of Arlington P.D

A Melrose-based contractor tried to fleece an 83-year-old Boston woman out of $10,000, according to police.

Ronald George Matranga, 31, was arraigned Wednesday in Cambridge District Court. Police allege that while Matranga was providing home remodelling work for the woman he illegally convinced his client to deposit $10,000 into an account for him at a bank in Arlington.

When Matranga, who is on probation for unrelated heroin charges, drove the victim to a bank in Arlington to withdraw the money, police were notified. He was arrested Tuesday and now faces a charge of attempting to commit larceny by false pretense.

"We allege that a contractor acted malevolently, attempting to gain the confidence of an elderly resident for the purposes of stealing money from her," Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan said. "I want to give credit to the bank for noticing these activities and to our Arlington Police Officers for quickly noticing the discrepancies and acting quickly."


The $10,000 sum is unrelated to the contracting work Matranga was performing, according to police.

After Matranga’s arrest, police found numerous pieces of jewelry, silver and other valuables in his car. Investigators are trying to determine where those valuables came from and anyone with any information is being encouraged to contact Arlington Police.

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