Tom Brady leaves a Manhattan federal court last week.Getty Images

Tom Brady missed Patriots practice Tuesday as he, Roger Goodell, a pack of lawyers, and Magistrate Judge James Francis engaged in settlement talks. Those talks reportedly went nowhere, however, and Brady was told his presence would not be required at Wednesday’s hearing in Manhattan.

A settlement remains in doubt as the Deflategate saga continues, but sports legal expert Jason Bonk believes Judge Richard Berman will keep putting pressure on both sides Wednesday in order to get a deal done.

“The judge is going to hammer both the NFL and NFLPA on Wednesday because he’s still trying to make it clear that this is something that should be worked out. He’s trying to make it clear that this whole thing is a waste of resources,” Bonk, an attorney at Cozen O’Connor, told Metro. “The judge has made it clear, he’s saying, ‘Come on guys, grow up.’”

But Bonk does not believe either side will budge anytime soon and there’s a distinct possibility that this thing creeps into the 2015 NFL season.


“The judge never took the bait with that Sept. 4 deadline date. He never committed to Sept. 4,” Bonk said. “It’s highly unlikely he’ll rule [Wednesday]. It’s really unlikely that he’s had or will have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment.’”

Civil cases, with appeals, can often go on for 1-2 years.

"It's not two months, that's for sure," Berman said in reference to the Sept. 4 deadline - via the Boston Herald.

The Patriots open their 2015 season on Thursday, Sept. 10 at Gillette Stadium against the Pittsburgh Steelers on National TV.

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