The DOC is violating state law by holding inmates while they alert the proper agencieJoe Gratz/Flickr

Dozens of sex offenders who were found to be no longer sexually dangerous are suing the state Department of Correction for allegedly holding them illegally, the Boston Globe reported.

Prison officials are required by law to alert certain agencies of a sex offender’s release, and the lawsuit argues that the inmates were detained at the DOC-run Massachusetts Treatment Center in Bridgewater for a day or more, which violates state law.

“The DOC is basically taking individuals who are as free as you or I, and confining them in state prison—with all the degradations that entails—while they fax alerts and address notifications,” Michael Tumposky, one of the lawyers for the inmates, said in a news release.

The plaintiffs seek $5 million in damages. The DOC told the Globe thatit would not comment on the litigation.

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