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'Don't blame me... I'm from Massachusetts' bumper sticker returns

Bumper sticker harkens back to 1972 presidential election when Mass. voters also lost out.

Bumper sticker aims to poke fun at 2016 presidential race.

Environmental League of Massachusetts/Twitter

A Massachusetts environmental group is taking its disappointment in the outcome of the presidential election to the streets.

The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund is resurrecting a 44-year-old bumper sticker that was printed follow Richard Nixon’s 1972 defeat of George McGovern —Massachusetts was the only state to assign its electoral votes to the Democratic nominee, State House News Service reported.

It says "Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts."

"Thought this might be a fun footnote to an un-fun election," ELM President George Bachrach told the News Service. "With Washington moving in the wrong direction, we're committed to making Mass. a national role model."

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